Hi! My name is Bogdan

I am a professional web developer who specializes in

Front-End Development
Back-End Development
Complex UI Animations
Web Perfomance
Responsive Interfaces
Making Users Happy

High Proficiency With Huge Experience

I started my web developer career ten years ago and collaborated with hundreds of talented people to create digital products for both business and consumer use. My primary goal is to solve your business problems, not just code for pleasure. I do care about user experience.

Front-end Development

Bringing you ideas into the browser.

Technologies I use:

HTML, CSS, SASS, BEM, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Vue, Alpine.js, Next.js, Gulp, Wepback, Rollup.

Back-end Development

Servers, Applications, and Databases.

Technologies I use:

PHP, Node.js, Wordpress, Shopify, Laravel, Express.js, Prisma, Postgres, MongoDB, SQLite.

My Recent Projects

Here's the stuff I've worked on recently.

More Projects

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